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Symbol of the College
explains the aims and aspirations of the college.

The symbol of the college is an Eagle carrying a ‘Kumbh on its back within a circle indicating the sun.

The Eagle, in the 10th Chapter of Bhagvat Gita, Shree Krishna Says “I am the eagle among the birds” (30th Shloka). The vehicle of God Vishnu is well-known for the greatness of its flight. The keenness of its sight is all comprehending and yet fine; quick and yet penetrating.

The two vast wings of the eagle the king of the heavens is ready to penetrate the limitless sky. The eagle’s legs, charged with the power of Knowledge, are eager to be aloft with this motto on the king’s tongue:

“Towards Knowledge Through Light”

I have the light of power, strength, adventure and self confidence. Let me journey on newly lit paths the world has lost. We hope and believe that the first flight of the eagle – the king of birds – shall return triumphant. For, in the heavens, the dispeller of the darkness of ignorance, the sun-god with its thousand rays, is shining. And there, the spread of the lotus’s petals, which remain unaffected by all the worldly dirt, blossom forth full of fragrance.

Lot the completeness emanated by a full ‘Kumbh’ (Pot) and thence the manifestation of the auspicious keeps attuned the strings within. Oh! How imperfect is a mere book for containing such a ‘Kumbh’! The book, as if the ocean has become an overflowing pot, sanctifies alike the prince and the pauper turning iron into gold with equanimity. Then, let us applaud the enterprise of the first flight of the eagle. Let us chant

“Towards Knowledge Through Light”